Traditional Chinese Medicine Using Kratom

10 Oct 2018

Kratom is a Chinese herb that has been used traditionally to treat various illnesses. Traditional Chinese medicine using Kratom is used in treating coughs, fevers, chills, wheezing, allergies, asthma and other such ailments. This is a native herb that is also used in Ephedra as a fat-burning supplement. This has been in existence and its use dates to around 5,000 years. Several species of this plant is found in Utah and North America, although it is more prevalent in China.

Traditional Chinese medicine using Kratom has been documented since ancient times and it is largely because it is an evergreen shrub and it grows to an average height of 50 cm and is predominantly found in the desert regions in the nations where it is found. This is a shrub that is characterized by various hues. The tiny leaves in this shrub remain green only for a brief period. The stems are flexible and yet tough. The shrubs may have different colors depending on their species. The colors could range from yellow, red, green, or brown-gray.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine using Kratom has worked as a stimulant. These shrubs are biologically like methamphetamines, which is a substance that is a derivative of this plant and its effects are similar to Epinephrine, but it is much stronger. In Chinese folklore, there are innumerable stories relating to the use of Kratom. It is said to have been used by the guards of Genghis Khan in order to stay awake while they are on duty. The early Mormons in Utah consumed it in place of coffee or tea.

Due to its stimulant properties, traditional Chinese medicine using Kratom has used the whole stem instead of just the extracts. The Ephedrine that is extracted out of this herb has known to cause elevated blood pressure levels and has increased heart rate. Kratom also acts as a mood elevator and affects the body metabolism and causes rapid weight loss due to suppression of appetite.

Ephedra is used to aid weight loss. It does have side effects and must be used with caution. You can buy kratom here.


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