Surgery is Not the Only Option for Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain. Natural Pain Relief Methods Can Provide an Alternative

17 Jul 2018

Chronic neck and shoulder pain affects millions of people across the world every single day, limiting their mobility and lowering their quality of life. Whether the condition is the result of a sports injury, a car accident or a medical condition, shoulder joint pain and neck discomfort can remain a lifelong problem if not treated properly.

Many people mistakenly believe that surgery and painkillers are the only available options for neck pain relief and shoulder pain relief. They are not aware that there is an alternative to invasive procedures and chemical-based medications. There are actually numerous natural forms of neck and shoulder pain treatment that are just as effective as traditional methods procedures.

One of the lesser known pain management remedies out there is something called Kratom. Kratom is a new and under developed pain relief, natural drug that is used many people in Asian countries. There are plenty of ways to try it out, including going here:

Massage therapy, for instance, is a popular solution for lasting neck pain relief. By putting pressure on certain trigger points and stimulating movement in the muscles and ligaments, massage therapy increases circulation throughout the body. This strengthens muscles and instigates the body’s natural healing process, thereby decreasing the frequency and severity of neck and shoulder pain.

Relief can also be found through low-impact exercise such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates. The slow, focused, stretching and balancing movements involved in these exercises produce increased strength and flexibility while offering a much lower risk of injury. They also help to reduce stress, which is another common cause of neck and shoulder pain.

Deep penetrating light therapy is another natural form of neck and shoulder pain treatment. Although it is not as well known, it can be just as effective in relieving chronic neck and shoulder joint pain. In this process, infrared light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the underlying tissue. This stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, which block certain chemicals that transmit pain from the brain.

Magnets can also be used as a form of shoulder and neck pain treatment. In this type of therapy, magnets are pressed to the skin at the point of pain and their magnetic fields are used to help relax capillaries. This can encourage blood flow and reduce pain.

The primary benefit to seeking natural alternatives to surgical or chemical forms of neck pain treatment is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will not be exposing your body to any harmful side effects. Before you decide to take drastic measures, consult an alternative health care specialist or a homeopathic doctor for advice on relieving chronic pain through any of these methods.


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