How MLB Umpires Can Affect Your Sportsbook Bet

11 Jun 2018

The intricacies of sports betting extends way beyond conducting initial research on statistical and data trends. Although for the seasoned veterans, shifting through spreadsheets of the past ten contests between two teams to spot trends can be helpful – deciding to place a wager on a team can involve a lot more research. There are a myriad of objectives a sports bettor can look at – weather conditions, coaching changes, player injuries, insider information, and even locker room quarrels between two star players on a team. As we know, weather conditions such as air pressure, wind, and temperature can contribute in deciding the outcome of a game. Another piece of data major baseball bettors look at are umpire tendencies. Which can sometimes be compensated by using sites like agen taruhan online.

Studying and analyzing MLB umpire tendencies is an excellent way to determine the over/under. For the neophytes, the over/under is a bet on the total number of points on the game. For example,´s sportsbook offers you an over/under of 9 for the Milwaukee Brewers – Washington Nationals game. With the over/under line, you choose whether both teams will combine for more than 9 runs, or under 9 runs. Umpires are very consistent creatures. Each has their own unique way of calling the game – whether for better or for worse. For example, National League umpires might call strikes differently than American League umpires, or vice versa. Past data might even reveal that umpires tend to call more strikes for the home teams starting pitcher, especially on borderline outdoor corner pitches that are subject to interpretation in each individual umpire´s case.

Judging by the umpire´s behavior, we can determine an outcome for any over/under game. Data charts can reveal that certain umpires have called an unusually high percentage of UNDER games, causing you to consider the UNDER more. If someone decided to wager against a team without this information, and this UNDER information reinforces their choice – they will feel more inclined to place the bet, upping their wager by a unit or so. In another scenario, you love to fade the public.

You discover that the majority is betting on the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox to exceed the measly OVER of 6. Despite the fact two lifetime 4.00 ERA pitchers are taking the mound, you bet the UNDER — highlighting this games umpire to call UNDER games. Believe it or not, there is an umpire rotation. One umpire is not responsible for calling home plate 162 games a year – 5 umpires go through a rotation from Home – Third Base – Second Base – First Base – and back to Home again. Using this valuable piece of information, you are kept informed over which umpire is covering home plate, the sports most pivotal play calling position.

Don´t fret – Las Vegas, live Gamecasts on the net, and the game´s broadcast will tell you the names of the umpires ruling that day – to your advantage, once again. Strikeout to walk ratios, over/under results, starting pitcher ERAs (when a certain umpire takes the plate) and other valuable information is available on the Web. Do a diligent search for them, and prep yourself to rake in the profits in the mean time!


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