FC Twin Video Game Console: New Hope for Retro Gamers?

02 Jul 2018

Throw out your old run-down broken old-school gaming consoles! The FC Twin by Yobo has arrived! An 8-Bit and 16-Bit video game console in one convenient light weight package. For all of you retro gaming enthusiasts your ship has just come in. Introducing a gaming console that infuses the best of two worlds. I’m talking about a system that plays both Super Nintendo (SNES) and original Nintendo (NES) games on one single quality machine.

Growing up as a child of the 80’s and 90’s I had the honor of playing some of the first ever video game consoles created. Such as Atari, Genesis and Game Gear. Later on in life while growing up with such systems as NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega CD etc., the usage and wear on these systems began to take their toll. My Super NES no longer worked and my mother through out my original Nintendo when I was young. For years I longed to get back to the classics of the video game world. So finally I decided to do something about it. I began searching Ebay for a used Super Nintendo and few games to buy to get back to my roots. That’s when I stumbled across this magnificent machine!

I had to do my homework

So like any smart buyer, I did my homework on this product I researched it heavily and looked up every review I could get my hands on! Most were great and I found it to be at an affordable price (average price is around $50 USD with shipping costing anywhere from $8 to $14.) Pretty decent deal if you ask me, So what did I do? I went straight to amazon.com and purchased one the moment my paycheck came in!

I received my item in about 3 business days and excitingly opened it up with high hopes and great expectations. The color of the console I purchased was black although the system comes in other colors such as silver, gray, and white.

Now came the fun part, hooking it up and playing it! Basic hook-up was pretty simple, it basically hooks up like a new age gaming system rather than a cable hook-up where one would have to turn to a certain channel such as 3 or 4 to play the games. Instead it has 3 adapters (red, yellow, and white) for video display so you will need a video-ready TV. So after the hook-up I turn it all on. The picture was extremely fuzzy and I could not fix it. Basically, it was unplayable. That was when I decided to run a few experiments. I kept the yellow and white adapter plugged in while leaving the red unplugged. Perfecto! Worked like a charm!

What about the actual gameplay?

Now onto the part where we play retro games! I turned on the switch to “8-Bit” to play Blades of Steel, (the system’s switch easily goes from 16-bit to 8-bit however is just a bit sensitive.)
The graphics on this system in my opinion are just as good as the original SNES and NES if not just a smidgen better!

The controllers are virtually identical to the original Super NES controllers including every button being there and in the identical places. My only real nitpick with these controllers is that they are a tad bit too short for my tastes, however, this is not much of a problem and it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve heard that some gamers have complained that playing regular NES games with a Super NES controller can be a bit difficult. However, I myself have never had a problem with this so go figure.

The sound quality also seems to be identical to the original consoles. Sometimes on one of my games during game play the volume tones down for a minute and then goes back to it’s normal state in just a few seconds. However, this has only happened to me with “The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past” so it could be a problem with the cartridge itself.

Final thoughts

While I have heard that some games do not play on the FC Twin without a little tweaking to the system (which I am not familiar how to do) all of my games work just fine. For now I’ve tested just 5: “Boxing Legends of the Ring” (SNES), “Zelda: a Link to the Past” (SNES), “Shadowrun” (SNES), “Mega Man 3” (NES), and “Blades of Steel” (NES). All of them worked with virtually no problems. All in all through this I would confidently say this was money very well spent and would give this product a rating from one to ten, of 9.5! I really do not have many complaints and the price is right! So if you are a true retro gamer at heart, this system is a must have!!


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