Curling Iron Tips for Hair that is Hard to Curl

02 Aug 2018

Women with hard-to-curl hair are all too familiar with attempting to curl the same section of hair multiple times to achieve the perfect flip only to step outside, look in the mirror an hour later, and to discover untamed or frizzy hair with curls that have fallen out. All of these attempts and let downs are frustrating when you want to be self-sufficient in attaining a well-groomed image of vibrant curls. Struggling with heat styling your hair with a curling iron is distracting when you become obsessed with your hair in terms of constantly looking in the mirror and even worse when you feel that the difficulty of styling your hair is holding you back from being on time to work, school, and other important destinations.

While many factors account for your hair being hard to curl including too little conditioning and too much heat, the following seven curling iron tips will help to solve your hair issues.

1. Make Sure Ends of Hair Are Well-Trimmed

When the ends of your hair are not well-trimmed, you will notice splits ends and breakage – making heat styling a “No-No!” When you do curl hair that has not been trimmed for several months it is more likely to hang limp since your hair has undergone so much from all of the brushing, washing, and heat styling. Hair that has been trimmed within six to eight weeks will yield a healthy flip when it is curled with a curling iron.

2. Use a Lower Heat Setting

I recently noticed an improvement in my hair’s ability to hold curls, when I stopped using the highest setting of my heat styling appliance and switched to a lower heat setting. When I used the highest setting, my hair would get straightened but would not curl at the ends very well. Overheating or frying your hair damages your hair much like over processing it with chemicals, which all result in dull, limp, and frizzy hair.

3. Spray Hair with Heat-Activated Curling Spray

Spraying your hair with heat-activated spray is a must since it protects hair from heat damage. In addition, it tames your hair by keeping each curl intact, locks out humidity that causing frizz, and increases definition and bounce. One of my favorite conditioning formulas is a heat-activated curling spray designed by L’oreal Paris.

4. Apply Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum to Ends of Hair

A very effective solution for hard-to-curl hair is applying an anti-frizz serum to the ends of dry hair before using a curling iron. Its purpose is to smooth the ends of your hair while controlling frizz and flyaways. Using smoothing serum reduces hair breakage and makes your curls noticeably shinier.

5. Avoid Using Curling Iron Hair Immediately After Perming and Coloring

While it is important that your hair is clean prior to curling it with a curling iron, it is vital to wait at least one day after perming or coloring your hair before heat styling. The reasoning behind this is that your hair is the rawest immediately after processing it with chemicals. As I learned from a prior segment of Tyra Banks Show, your relaxer or perm needs a chance to “marinate” before your hair will look its best with heat styling.

6. Use a Hair Masque When Washing Hair

A hair masque is a concentrated conditioner that you apply and leave on your hair for three minutes after shampooing and rinsing. When used every time you wash your hair, it restores damaged hair as its vitamins penetrate each strand to seal in moisture for maximum smoothness and shine. Using a curling iron, afterward on dry hair results in healthy, vibrant curls.

7. Use A Ceramic Curling Iron

I never saw lasting curls in my hair until I replaced my metal curling iron with a ceramic iron. Curling irons with ceramic plating distribute heat evenly instead of creating “hot spots” like metal curling irons. Ceramic curling irons eliminate frizz and damage while creating silky smooth hair.

On a final note, by practicing these hair care tips and many more, you will simplify your efforts of curling your hair with a curling iron. The term “hard-to-curl hair” is not so much about the type of hair you have as it is the treatment of your hair. When you trim your hair, apply the right amount of heat at the right time, and properly condition your hair, you will enjoy more defined, shinier, and bouncier curls.

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