All My Electronics to Keep Me Entertained

05 Jul 2018

Call me a hypocrite. Not two months ago, I wrote that I wouldn’t buy an electronic book until the ninth circle froze over. Well, maybe I wasn’t quite that determined. Happy birthday to me – I am now the happy owner of a Nook, Barnes amp; Noble’s response to the popular Kindle. Now if I could only turn it off.

Over the past week, I’ve been simultaneously reading two novels and shopping for others. It is far too easy to buy new e-books with one of these wireless devices. Quite possibly, I’m what you would call an addict. As I also speak Dutch, I have been reading all the articles over at KeuzeHelper as well.

However, one of the novels I was reading (and have now finished) is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had never read it before, but a few classics were included with my Nook. I saw it and thought, “why not?” Does my discovery of a classic novel I otherwise never would have read negate the fact that I am glued to a small computer every day?

Probably not, but as long as we limit our time with electronics and get outside, we can reap some benefits from them. My children can learn things from television programs if I place limits on their time spent watching it as well as which programs they watch. If we place limits on ourselves as well, we will all benefit.

My sisters and I joke that our mother is addicted to Facebook, but she checks it once (maybe twice) a day. I know people who spend hours every day playing games, chatting and updating their status. (“I’m eating lunch now”; “That guy was so rude”; “I can’t wait to get off work”; “Why is my boss yelling at me for ignoring customers?”) Facebook, Twitter and e-mail might be a good way to keep in touch with people sometimes, but let’s learn to speak to one another again. Pick up the phone (and not just to ‘text’!), or visit someone in person.

Interaction with others is important. We might feel that we are connecting to our friends and family electronically (and it can help when you are trying to communicate over some distance), but people are social creatures. We need to interact face-to-face to fully satisfy our social needs.

Electronics can provide entertainment, education and means of connecting with people we don’t see often. However, no such device can give us love, exercise and sunshine. Go outside and play with your kids. Visit your family and friends. Have fun rediscovering the real world.


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